Agile Marketing for a Change

Change, Let’s Face It

We are just at the beginning of change. Predictions suggest the networked, machine learning world of the near future will shock us. Our products and vocations must be agile, flexible and quickly adaptive.

Surviving in the Corporation

For corporate survival, we need agile, actionable answers. Current thinking on agile boils down to faster. So much of our change is facilitated by fast technology, we seek answers to match that speed. Speed is part of the agile story, but like all stories, leave out a main character and the plot dies.

The agility story needs something new and something proven. New is tech, AI, faster. Proven is human, emotional, empathetic, nonconscious. Humans form habits, have impulses, need social approval, get tired, bored, seek pleasure, avoid pain, have biases.

Technology’s Sleight of Hand and We Miss the Mark

Exclusive over-confidence in all things new, leads to a crushing collision with older, primal realities like localism, authenticity and even slowness. These forces endure precisely because they touch the human heart and subtle life experiences.

Enchanting distraction by technology’s magical sleight of hand, blinds attention to the human heart, leading to superficial, partial answers.

For Marketers, agility requires actionable and holistic knowledge, that leverages both the new and the proven.

Three Drivers of Actionable Agility with Humans

All product choices are made with three parts of the mind: rational, emotional, unconscious. A dominant portion of marketing and research focuses only on the rational. This is old science, is not efficient and doesn’t support nimble marketing. We keep repeating the same studies, hearing the same answers. Unfortunately, many researchers claim to identify sentiment, emotion and nonconscious, have little proven science behind their method. Rational answers to research questions are still rational even if labelled emotional.

The most influential parts of your customer’s thinking have been nicknamed “System 1” by behavioral economists. When marketers trigger System 1 intentionally, they achieve actionable results.

Behavioral Science Growth

New discoveries in behavioral science are exponential. What marketers assumed to be true for customer choice, preference, consideration, loyalty have been proven wrong. New scientific discoveries are published daily. Just as with new tech, marketers can be left behind if they work with old assumptions.

Marketing Science & Behavioral Science

Being Agile and Actionable with Humans

Emotional and unconscious habits are on autopilot. Consumers are unaware of this automatic mental choice-making, which dominates decisions. Researchers must identify what consumers don’t know themselves!

Modern behavioral science changes the formula for marketers. The new formula is emotion first. Logical product benefits are still important. But for rational arguments to be believed, they must first address the emotional, unconscious autopilot. Rational, emotional, unconscious: all work together.

We are the sum total of our experiences. For brands and categories some experiences are stickier than others. Sticky experiences and their emotions act as motivators, creating favoritism for product preference. It is the emotional context in the customer’s life, that matters most.

The Agile Prize is Human

Behavioral science has revolutionized what we know at exponential levels that rival Moore’s Law.

Those who take their eye off of new discoveries in behavioral science, will be left behind. Agility in today’s fast changing world means don’t take your eye off of the prize. The prize is human behavior. Seek holistic agility that is truly efficient. For insights professionals, that means knowledge that’s actionably human.

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