Authenticity – Directly Human

Authentic Demand

Consumers have a growing hunger for products they feel are authentic. What do consumers mean by “authentic?” Why is this demand so strong? What should brands do?

The quick answer: the more directly human, the more authentic the brand story.

Why is This Growing?

To understand why this need for authenticity, look no further than the impact of indirect human contact in our lives and experiences.

Indirect Human Contact

  • Cashierless stores
  • Employment interviews replaced by algorithms
  • Online physician visits
  • Human voice replaced with SMS
  • Online shopping, socializing and learning
  • The list is almost endless and growing…

AI is Here to Stay

We embrace these changes with insatiable appetites for convenience, customization and ease. Indirect human contact is an addiction, here to stay. AI is coming fast with even less direct human contact.

Our love of this “new indirect,” creates an unconscious counterpoint. Humans are social animals, made to interact directly. It’s easier than ever to connect to people but harder than ever to connect with people. A vacuum of direct connection makes us long for an “authenticity” we are losing. Authentic brands must find human, organic stories to frame the brand as “more directly human.”

Authentic Messaging

Brands, campaigns and products should bring to life the organic, direct human touch.

Each of theses brands has a creative story that connects human to human. Whether the story is about brand origins, occasions or a mission, all are directly human…and authentic.

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