We’re Inside Minds

We Understand the Human Mind… and Choice

Consumers choose brands with three types of thinking: rational, emotional and unconscious. All three work together for consumer choice.

Market behavior and marketing research methods aren’t aligned.
Insights are missing 95% of the story!

What’s a marketer to do?

Consumer Choices

95% of each purchase decision is dependent upon emotional and unconscious (autopilot) thinking.

Insights Methods

95% of all insights methodologies address rational (logical) thinking.


Examples of old school partial mind research:

Baileys liqueur was rejected in consumer research but launched anyway. Why did it turn out to be a success, when consumers said no? The answer: consumers only said no with their logical, rational thinking.

During product testing for Red Bull, customers comments included, “I would never drink this.” “Yuck.” “Disgusting.” “Tastes like medicine.” Why did Red Bull become available everywhere in the world and hugely successful? The answer: consumers only said no with their logical, rational thinking.

David Ogilvy said, “Consumers don’t think how they feel, say what they think or do what they say.”

When respondents tell you what they “think,” they are using the rational, logical part of the brain. Rational thinking is important, but it is subservient to emotional and unconscious (autopilot) thinking. The whole mind makes the choice!

We understand the Gap…

Respondents say one thing, then act differently in real life. Behavioral Economics and cognitive neuroscience tell us why, and we know what to do about it.

“Why aren’t we growing faster? We have the best features. We are innovative. What’s missing?”