We’re Inside Minds

Methodologies. Systems. Results.

We use the WholeMind Imprint™ system – a repeatable process to break open the power of behavioral economics findings for business.

What’s Different

Knowing about Behavioral Economics isn’t enough. For Whole Mind Insights, researchers need a special skill set. 

The WholeMind Imprint™ system is tuned for quality and accuracy:

  • Behavioral Economics metrics.
  • Customer Journey, Design Thinking & Jobs To Be Done analysis.
  • Clean language – questionnaire format developed by David Grove to facilitate deep insights without priming respondents.
  • Clean priming – a questioning process used by cognitive therapists to insure high quality answers and avoid false self-reporting (so common in marketing research).
  • Cognitive analytics – identifies sensory, emotional, and non-conscious patterns within respondent language.
  • Metaphor analytics – identifies deeper unconscious connections for the topic studied.
  • Text Analytics for sentiment and emotion.
  • Storytelling – reveals meaning making and social currency for the topic studied.
  • Emotional energy – highlights product and context attributes that generate emotional energy.
  • Behavioral Economics analytics leading to Map-of-Choice™ report.

There’s a better way. WholeMind™ Research. WholeMind™ Insights.