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Your Top Performers Multiplied

What if you could replicate the top 20% of your sales force so that everyone performed at that level?

Once you find the secrets of your top performers, hiring, training, retention, sales management and strategic planning become decisively focused.

Get the Next Edge!

The next edge in sales development is a new frontier. It cuts through what came before. The next edge explains what specifically makes a top performer in your organization. This is not a cookie cutter approach. Your organization and industry are unique! Once you discover these advantages, you can design hiring, training and incentives to deliver a new generation of peak performers and growth.

The Mission Edge
We usually think of mission and purpose as something the company provides sales people. While that’s true, top performers have hidden mission drivers of their own that are uniquely matched to the product, company and industry. This is the motivating engine behind their selling energy.

The Beliefs Edge
Many rep beliefs are automatic. They’ve been reinforced subtly through life and job experience and your sales reps don’t think about them anymore. Some key beliefs are critical guideposts that underlie the very skills needed to be successful in your business.

The Mental Habits Edge
On the job, day-to-day, top performers have different mental habits. These will be well matched to your products and market. Mental habits tuned to your business create consistency day after day.

The Behavior Edge
Top performers have a different set of behaviors. These special behaviors flow organically from a well-matched mission and complementary beliefs, paired with unique mental habits and behaviors.

Hire for the top 20%. Train the middle to become like them. Retain the best performers.

The Next Edge

Sales rep behaviors are driven by beliefs, habits and behaviors that drive high or low performance, unique to your company, product and industry.