Whole Mind Marketing

Appeal to Your Customer’s Whole Mind and Heart

We know how humans make choices. We’re a research & marketing firm specializing in behavioral science for marketers who want to be strategic. We discover the triggers that spark your customers’ attraction and desire.







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What’s Different

Most marketing addresses only surface needs. Customers are bored and move on. The most powerful drivers of preference and choice get overlooked. That’s huge opportunity loss! We discover the customer’s whole mind and heart, for marketing that inspires.

There’s a better way. WholeMind™ Insights. WholeMind™ Marketing.

Clevenger Associates is an insights research & marketing consultancy specializing in behavioral economics and cognitive science. WholeMind™ Research identifies the most powerful drivers of customer attraction and behavior. 

Make Customer Biases Work For You

Automatic, unconscious, emotional “favoritism” influences all buying decisions. Your customers are pre-biased for, or against your messages. Our Map-of-Choice™ will find and leverage key customer biases to use in your favor.


The Map-of-Choice™ is like a GPS for branding, positioning, innovation and communication. A more predictable, efficient pathway.

We Understand Decision Making

We apply behavioral economics and cognitive science to identify the whole mind of the consumer: rational, emotional and unconscious. Insights from the whole mind.

We’re missing depth. My team needs a better understanding. My organization needs to find an advantage. There’s something missing!
Senior Director Insights, Snacks Division